I am excited to announce the Appchin Open Source Program. This program recognizes external open source contributors who have been nominated by Appchin for their exceptional contributions to open source projects.

The Appchin Program is a key part of Appchin’s ongoing commitment to open source software. By supporting the development and growth of open source projects, Appchin is fostering a more collaborative and innovative software ecosystem that benefits everyone.

It’s truly inspiring to see so many individuals dedicated to contributing their time and expertise to open source projects. I am proud to support and working with Appchin Open Source Program.

The Appchin Open Source contributors come from 16 different countries around the world, reflecting the program’s global reach and the immense impact of open source software. Community collaboration is a key driver of innovation and progress, and I am honored to be able to support and celebrate the contributions of these talented individuals from around the world through this program.

I would like to extend our congratulations to the contributions. Included below are those who have agreed to be named publicly.

Country Open Source Project
Norway   UX User Experience
Philippines – Ukraine Ultimate User UX/UI
Russia – Hong Kong  User Capabilities
United States Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
United States  eCommerce

I am incredibly proud of all of the contributions to open source, and I look forward to seeing even more amazing contributions in the years to come.

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