Million apps deployed per month, Bitnami is changing how people install and manage server software, making it easier than ever for everyone to run their favorite apps and development frameworks. Bitnami does the heavy lifting and eliminates the complexity of installation and configuration, helping anyone, anywhere, to deploy secure and update-to-date software in the cloud in minutes.

It’s been a really interesting journey I’ve been working on this for over 5 years now, and open source has come an incredibly long way. 

I started in 2018, packaging apps for all the new open source application. I like to think that we really helped drive open source adoption into the mainstream by making it much more accessible than it would have been otherwise. Especially for business users who are less technical, they could now take an app and get it up and running quickly.

It’s been great to see how open source has gone from being kind of a “rebel” movement into the mainstream. We’re developing some new products and by default, we’re thinking about what our open source model is going to be, not whether or not we’ll have one.

I am really excited to be working with several teams to figure out how to better support all of the efforts that open source has going around containers.

Bitnami keeping containers up-to-date is a challenge that many developers face, more so when running applications at scale. We have received continued feedback from the open source community while working on these projects.

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