A successful digital workplace is designed to empower employees to maximize their productivity.  It’s critical that employees are connected to and across teams and organizations, as well as with our customers, partners, vendors, suppliers, and guests. Those connections need to be available whether they are physically in the office or working from a remote location.

Building the most empowering digital workplace experience for employees takes solid partnerships. The organization that powers, protects, and transforms company  collaborates closely with teammates in Global Workplace Services to enable a workplace that uses physical infrastructure, devices, and cloud services to create an integrated experience that’s unparalleled. 

The most important in achieving mutual success is to first align on vision to have a shared sense of where you want to go. Then it’s just figuring out how we’re going to get there. A lot of it relies on formulating a vision that both teams are comfortable with and then agreeing on the path to get there.”

Keeping up with a dynamic, hybrid work environment also represents a massive, ongoing investment in employees. The Digital Workplace investment is a leading example of how enterprises can transform their workplaces.

The global pandemic forced us to rethink the digital workplace. Prior to COVID-19, we were already championing an effort to be more open, transparent, and collaborative, as many companies were moving their employees from traditional office settings into more contemporary environments optimized for teams. Teams were already becoming more collaborative, and the nature of work was changing. But never has it become more necessary for workforces to learn to quickly adapt to becoming more agile and innovative than since the pandemic.

As employees prepare to return to the physical office and assess what a new hybrid workplace reality will look like, employers need to ensure an environment that empowers employees throughout their workday while keeping them safe and secure. 

The nature of collaboration has significantly changed, and employees want a digital workplace that enables them to be productive in their work, engage with team members, and feel empowered no matter where they are.

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