Millions of American workers are not happy with their work situation. It is no surprise why: Nominal wages might have gone up, but real wages have not kept up with ever-growing inflation. Hourly real wages have fallen 2.5% since 2021, and weekly wages have fallen 4.5%.  

To make matters worse, millions of Americans cannot pursue their professional dreams because an intricate labyrinth of government regulations effectively tells them what, how, and when to work, preventing them from finding their unique skills and fulfilling their potential.   

People always do better when allowed to pursue their dreams and goals freely. People, not bureaucrats, should be the ones making their own career decisions.   

Here are some of the policies Congress can get passed to help millions of American workers have the career freedom and flexibility they deserve:   

  • Pass the Employee Rights Act, which would streamline employment testing and better ensure the right to pursue self-employment, protect small and local businesses using the vendor and franchise models, and ensure labor union laws have more transparent and democratic rules.   
  • Enact the Working Families Flexibility Act, which would allow private sector workers to choose to accumulate paid leave instead of overtime pay, a benefit that all federal employees already enjoy, but that is barred for private workers.   
  • Allow independent workers to choose their status without cumbersome government-mandated employment tests and allow them to acquire benefits like health savings accounts on their own or through businesses.  

Owning a home is a key life milestone for millions of Americans. Yet, many young adults are having trouble finding a home they can afford.  

Throwing money at the problem will not solve it but will make it worse. If we want to make housing more affordable, we must make it cheaper for companies to build more homes. 

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