Modern enterprises are powered by distributed software applications that need an always-on, secured, responsive and global, optimized access. A secured, hybrid cloud strategy is very important to deliver this application experience for internal and external users. Our vision for hybrid cloud is clear: to help clients accelerate positive business outcomes by building, deploying and managing applications and services anytime, anywhere.

Traditional CloudOps and DevOps models that involve manual workflows may not deliver the required application experience. Appchin strongly believes it’s time for a new approach, one driven by the applications ourselves. The new paradigm is to simplify hybrid and multicloud application delivery with secured, performant application-centric networking, to help increase application velocity and improve collaboration between IT teams.

Just as cloud can provide a virtual platform to consume underlying resources like compute and storage, app-centric connectivity offers a new network overlay focused on application and service endpoints connectivity. It’s totally abstracted from the underlying networks that provide physical connectivity, and hence is highly simplified.

How can application-centric connectivity help IT teams? For CloudOps teams, this approach helps achieve visibility and optimization. For DevOps, it helps achieve business agility. Both teams can benefit from better team collaboration with a common user experience (UX), custom topology views and the ability to manage and view SLOs and resource status.

We’re just getting started on our journey building comprehensive hybrid multicloud automation solutions for the enterprise. Hybrid Cloud  is not just a network solution; it’s engineered to be a transformative force that empowers businesses to derive maximum value from modern application architecture, enabling hybrid cloud adoption and revolutionizing how multicloud environments are utilized. I hope you join us on the journey.

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