I have been monitoring the latest developments very closely and I see increased challenges to conduct our operations according to our standards and requirements.

Like many fashion brands, we don’t own the factories where our clothes are made. But we want everyone involved in making our products to have a safe, fair and equal working environment.

I’ve been in this role now for about a year and a half, and this is the most difficult decision I’ve made during that time. 

At URBN every team has their own a critical channel for their team.

Any supplier working with us must sign our Sustainability Commitment, which is a set of standards regarding fair wages, good working conditions, animal welfare and much more. This is non-negotiable.

To ensure our suppliers live up to our agreement, we employ dedicated sustainability staff in our worldwide production offices who make regular visits and audits. We also provide training to workers and suppliers to help them work in a more sustainable way.

Although there are challenges in many countries in which we operate, our size makes it possible for us to actually make a difference. By committing to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, supporting workers to earn a fair wage and by taking a clear stance against corruption, we want to lead the way toward a fair fashion future.

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