We live in a highly digitized world having a strong, authentic personal brand and online professional presence is more important than ever before. Your professional digital footprint is not just about sharing your skills, it’s about sharing who you are. When you share your whole self, you create a unique journey that can open doors to opportunities and reshape your career. 

With nearly 20 years of experience in the talent brand and talent acquisition space, I’ve personally seen the impact that a strong online presence can have on the success of landing an interview and, more importantly, an offer. There is tremendous value in taking the time to strategize and refine how you show up online. 

Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way to guide you in building your own online presence. 

Personal branding is an art, where you present yourself to the world in a way that displays who you are and what makes you unique. It takes creativity, vulnerability, and not taking yourself too seriously. Spend time thinking about what makes you, you. Ask yourself: What are my strengths, what lights me up, and what differentiator do I bring to the table? Maybe you’re skilled at creating relationships, maybe you have a knack for creating an environment of trust, or perhaps, you have a way to tell a story with data that even a non-data lover can understand and get behind. Whatever you are, be sure to capture that for your network.

Your personal brand and online presence are valuable tools that should evolve with you alongside your career and personal passions. Regularly reflect on if your digital footprint reflects who you are today and showcases you in a genuine and engaging way. 

Remember, your online presence is not just about showing what skills you have, it’s about making meaningful contributions, creating connections, and sharing your uniqueness with the world. 

So go on, create that profile, and get branding.

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