A retailer, wholesaler, or sportswear supplier knows that packaging is integral to any product launch. Packaging can be a missed opportunity to delight customers or help create brand recognition and result in higher sales. Sometimes, it can also disappoint the shoppers and negatively impact profits. The future of retail looks drastically different than we’ve seen before, but enticing packaging can inspire customers and compel them to keep coming for more.

Packaging is the first point of contact with potential customers. It should be compelling, attractive, and adhere to cultural and social norms.

The aim of sportswear packages, like other apparel, is to entice prospects and push them into the buyer’s funnel. Further, packages should be as airtight as possible, so little to no extra air is left inside oversized boxes, which would take up more space than necessary and lead to increased freight costs and unnecessary reliance on natural resources.

In addition, the composition of these packages themselves needs to be considered — opting for biodegradable material over other synthetic substances will result in greater sustainability. Consumers are becoming more conscious of their decisions, especially regarding product packaging. 

A whopping 72% surveyed by the Billerud Consumer Panel expressed an eagerness to pay extra for environmentally friendly materials used in a product’s packaging — showing that sustainability matters.

Hence, sportswear retailers and wholesalers should consider turning towards advanced packaging solutions that could prove incredibly beneficial.

Consumers are increasingly taking note of environmental issues and making purchasing decisions that reflect their values. Sustainability has become a necessity for businesses dealing in activewear packaging.

Shoppers seek to know not only what products they are buying but where they came from. They are willing to know how green the production process is. And so it is clear – when shopping today, consumers want the full story of each product before deciding whether or not to buy.

As businesses and consumers become more conscious of their environmental impact, the packaging industry is following suit with a shift toward sustainable materials. Expect to see an increased use of recycled items that can be reused or biodegradable components when making future purchases.

The market for sportswear packaging is undergoing significant changes, and the stakeholders must keep an eye on trends to maintain their competitive edge.

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