Every day, we have questions. Search engines, apps, digital voice assistants, or phones are usually our go-to places to find answers.

You may already know that you can use the search bar in Windows – found on your PC taskbar – to find things like an app, setting, or a file you’ve been working on.

But did you know it can also find answers to questions like…

What’s the weather like in Paris? What’s the score of the Leicester City match? How do you unzip a file?

Windows brings all these searches together in one place. It’s easy to find and easy to use.

You don’t have to scroll through a long list of results, you don’t have to open a browser, and you don’t have to leave whatever application you’re in. With a couple of keystrokes, you can find your answers.

“The goal was to enable search in Windows to bring the web to where you are,” says Alexander Campbell, a senior program manager. “People spend a lot of time on the web and in browsers. We saw an opportunity to help people save time in Windows by bringing convenient, fast web results directly to the search bar in Windows. Stay on task and in your flow, just by hitting the Windows key or clicking on the search box.”

It’s also a convenient place to start a search that leads to a website. From the search bar in Windows, you can quickly type and navigate to a URL, without having to open a browser first.

Every day it gets more useful: a full web search experience powered by the intelligence of Bing. You can search for quick calculations, music videos, movie trailers, sports scores, stock prices, movie times, weather forecasts and much more. Results turn up right in the taskbar. If you want to see more, you can open the results in your browser.

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