We’re excited to embark on this journey of discovering and delivering leading technology together. We understand that we are only a piece of the puzzle; but, we’re excited to offer our support and act as a force multiplier toward the goal of achieving technology leadership.

We hope to discover your key challenges, understand the problems you’re looking to solve, and leave you feeling inspired.

We wouldn’t describe ourselves as a ‘defense tech’ investor, but rather we are in the business of investing in companies driving the future of compute forward. Compute is at the heart of any critical technology vital to maintaining security, whether that is a weapons system, communications network, cyber defense, and beyond. Technology is a key difference maker in this competition and requires partnership to maximize the results. The time is now to focus our expertise and network on partnering effectively to deliver leadership, especially across these critical technology areas:

  • Advanced Computing & Software
  • Sensing, Connectivity & Security
  • Semiconductors & Microelectronics
  • Advanced Materials & Manufacturing
  • MedTech

We’ve had a rich history of investing in leading technology companies that have achieved product mission fit. 

Let’s connect and discover the possibilities. We are excited to enable the way you can leverage innovative technology companies to provide solutions for the warfighter. 

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