While concerns over how companies are using consumer data have been in the spotlight of political debate since the creation of large social media platforms, companies are still continuously collecting data on consumer preferences with every interaction they have on the internet. Moreover, how companies exchange this data with one another is become increasingly concerning and demands heightened scrutiny over what companies are allowed to get away with. Through the usage of data collection and manipulation, companies are able to use targeted advertisements not only to increase their profit margins but also possibly influence major democratic processes. The usage of targeting political advertisement by campaigns on streaming services is becoming increasingly more prevalent every year.

TikTok has not revealed what they plan to do with the data, why they collect biometric data, how long they intend to store it, and who they are planning to share it with. In order to combat this, more states should adopt laws like Illinois that require companies to report how and why they are collecting the data. These limitations will force companies like TikTok to be more accountable in the future for the data they collect and share about consumers. Hopefully, this will give consumers more recourse over what companies do with their private information.

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